Friday, May 13, 2011

Unlocking the Secrets to your Nursling's Future Profession

Ah, the joys of breastfeeding a toddler.

I remember when my son was almost a year old, and I was reading a few posts over at The Leaky B@@b from moms who were comparing the crazy positions their toddlers would get in as they nursed throughout the day and night. For a brief fleeting moment, I felt the acute panic that all first-time moms feel whenever they think, just for a moment, that something isn't ok with their child. My son was still breastfeeding comfortably and without fuss in the cradle hold. He would latch, nurse, and pop off when finished. That was it.

And then it began.

I'm fairly certain my son felt an overnight desire to be a dentist. Either that, or an ophthalmologist. Who may also dabble in Otolaryngology on day. Whatever he ultimately chooses, let it be known that my mouth, teeth, eyes, ears and/or nose were the start of his career.

Then he suddenly moved on to Dermatology. Each of my accessible moles and freckles got a thorough once-over each time he nursed. 

Seemingly overnight, he opened his mind and began to explore alternative medicine. Reiki seemed to interest him, as he began to gently lay his palms on my chest or stroke my cheek while he gazed lovingly into my eyes.

That didn't last long. Things went downhill, fast. As a mother, I'm a little concerned. I would love for my son to be a successful doctor. I would love just as much to learn of alternative therapies from him. But now I'm scared for his future.

I think he's going to run away and join the circus as an acrobat. There's just no other explanation for these twists and turns and balancing acts!

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  1. Hey Lisa! Just letting you know that I selected your blog as the Blog of the Week this week on the NL BlogRoll! Keep up the great work. :)